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As a tradition that began in 1994, in early September WOW presents a full production stage show at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts in Olympia, WA.  These are called "Fall Shows," and feature a plot, with comedy, drama, song and dance, using original material.

Please "click" on the following links to see picture stories of the past WOW Fall Shows.

Logo for the Fall 2009 show

"Mystery at Hornsby Manor" - 2009

Logo for the Fall 2008 show

"Wrinkles in Paradise" - 2008

Logo for the Fall 2007 show

"HOME AT LAST...A Tank Town Tale" - 2007

Logo for the Fall 2006 show

"Give My Regards to Broadway" - 2006

Logo for the Fall 2005 show

"From Tin Pan Alley to Wrinkles" - 2005

Logo for the Fall 2004 show

"A Gathering of Wrinkles" - 2004

Logo for the Fall 2003 show

"When Gin Was Sin" - 2003

logo for the Fall 2002 show

"Ports of Call -- Another Journey" - 2002

Logo for the 2000 Fall show

"Stars and Stripes Forever" - 2001

Logo for the Fall 2000 show

"The Case of the Vanishing Wrinkles" - 2000

Logo for the Fall 1999 show

"Once Upon a Wrinkle" - 1999

Logo for the Fall 1998 show

"Play it Again" - 1998

Logo for the Fall 1997 show

"How the West Was Wrinkled" - 1997

Logo for the Fall 1996 show

"When Gin Was Sin" - 1996

Logo for the Fall 1995

"Ports of Call" - 1995


"Sentimental Journey" - 1994

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