The townsfolk have just listened to President Roosevelt’s "date that will live in infamy" speech, and are about to burst with patriotic fervor.  Clad in amazingly authentic garb of the period, the entire group is about to announce in the first of many full chorus numbers that we have a commitment "Over There."

Once again, WOW is privileged to have the incomparable Terry Shaw as its music director.  With amazing skill, patience, and a sunny outlook that helps him overcome the depths of despair, Terry molds this mass of amorphous voices into what we hope is at least a semi-respectable chorus.  He is a supremely talented young man, and if there is anything he can’t do, it has yet to be discovered.

In all WOW productions, and in this one in particular, the chorus is a vital element.  Some persons have speaking parts, some have solos, some have duets or trios, and many dance.  But all are part of the chorus, and without everyone, there wouldn’t be a show.  So, here we acknowledge and honor the entire ensemble:

Lee Barnes, John Bennett, Bernie Brady, Chris Brewis-Roberts, Bj Cagle, Mary Cullen, Jim Cunningham, Linda Deem, Bill Dergan, Vaude deVille, Lillian Egan, Marigem Emde, Joan Forst, Bob Freested, Judy Gould, Chuck Gourley, Don Hancock, Sally Hancock, Dorothy Honeycutt, Darryl Jansson, Ann Johnson, Bill Johnson, Donna Kine, Frank Kinney, Phyllis LaFontaine, Dixie Maske, Dennis McDonald, Mary Margaret McFarland, Kathleen McLean, Lily Nielsen, Mary Patnode, Jeanie Patterson, Michele Penberthy, Mary Petzold, Roy Rasmussen, Chuck Rommel, Joanie Roper, Lyle Russell, Mary Ann Shann, Bill Siegwarth, Helen Siegwarth, Ruth Solberg, Wilma Stevens, Julian Taylor, Suzie Thomas, Jeanne Vosburgh, Phyllis Wilkowski, Georgia Williams, Nancy Williams, Robert Williams, and Sharon Williams


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