This is Helen Siegwarth, our choreographer, who did such a magnificent job on Boeing Belles dance numbers.  "The Washington Post March", "Why Me", "12th Street Rag", and "Stars and Stripes Forever" were truly energetic and precise, which in turn made them wonderful.  These dancers are so dedicated.  They practice for hours and it shows.  Kudos to the Boeing Belles (The Prime Time Tappers) - Chris Brewis-Roberts, Mary Cullen, Linda Deem, Lillian Egan, Dorothy Honeycutt, Donna Kine, Phyllis LaFontaine, Dixie Maske, Mary Patnode, Jeanie Patterson, Helen Siegwarth, Suzie Thomas, Jeanne Vosburgh, Georgia Williams, and Sharon Williams.

It was this Dresden doll who took a bunch of left-footed clods and made a semblance of order out of unrelenting chaos.  Under her benign tutelage a motley collection of has-beens or wannabees in army boots nearly succeeded in tripping the light(?) fantastic to "This is the Army, Mr. Jones."  They were: John Bennett, Bernie Brady, Jim Cunningham, Bill Dergan, Chuck Gourley, Don Hancock, Darryl Jansson, Bill Johnson, Dennis McDonald, and Bill Siegwarth.

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