The WOW! Chorus surprised everyone when they turned "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" into a rock song!  Cheerleaders Charleen Goodrich and Jeanne Vosburgh are joined by Lu Benefield, Chris Brewis-Russell, BJ Cagle, Geri Campbell, Bill Dergan, Vaude deVille, Marigem Emde, Joan Forst, Sally Hancock, Don Hancock, Dennis Johnson, Karen Morrow, Lily Nielsen, Michele Penberthy, Connie Peterson, Roy Rasmussen, Joanie Roper, Jim Russell, Lyle Russell, Maggie Schoengarth, Ken Schwilk, Carol Thompson, Lila Willis and Dottie Yarnell.  Yes, it is okay to have "pom pom" girls at a baseball game!

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